we will convince you

from risk analysis to claims handling: we take time for you.

We are not trying to sell you a product, nor represent any one insurance company. We tailor any solution individually according to the wishes and needs of the customer. If there are ideal contractual conditions, we buy the insurance coverage. If not, we design the coverage ourselves. In doing so, we ensure that we comply with the cardinal obligations laid down by law: "When acting as intermediaries, insurance distributors shall always act honestly, fairly and professionally towards the customer in his best interests".

our risk analysis

Every case starts with a detailed risk analysis. Taking into account all areas of activity and needs of the client, we determine in which risk areas risk provisioning is necessary. This also includes determining if "insurance" is the optimal form of coverage at all, or if “Alternative Risk Transfer” (ART) provides a better solution for the client. We also examine whether existing contracts should be included. The analysis’ goal is to ensure that neither too much nor too little risk coverage is purchased.

contract design

Based on the established risk situation, the contracts are drafted, the coverage tailored. At the same time, we negotiate premiums that are in line with this coverage and match a market comparison of the potential insurers. Only a balanced ratio of risk protection and costs
complies with the "rule of best advice”.

documentation requirements

The current legal situation demands that all insurance intermediaries are obliged to produce comprehensive documentation of their advice in written form. For all those involved in the advisory process, the wishes and needs of the customer must be clearly and comprehensively documented, and it must be clear in what manner and on what grounds advice was given.

We have been perfecting this method for quite some time now. Even if this process involves a considerable amount of time and effort, it is very important to us that our clients are always in the position to review the details of the advice given.

independence from (insurance) providers

An essential feature of our operations is the freedom and independence from individual providers and their incentive systems. This enables us to optimally place all of our client's risks with different insurers, if necessary. The selection of insurers is based on the following criteria:

  • level of insurance needed
  • costs for all contractual services
  • Quality of claims settlement
  • solvency and security of the insurer
  • business processes of the insurance company

Selection restrictions: Only those insurers supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BAFin) are considered.

support and administration

After completing the risk analysis and concluding the suitable contracts, we continuously monitor the customer's risk situation and adequacy of the insurance coverage regarding changing risk and market conditions. Our aim is to reduce the client's administrative workload while at the same time providing advice on all issues relating to business and
private risks in line with the client's needs.

claims service

In the event of a claim, we will act exclusively as the customer's representative in order to ensure that the claim is handled in the best possible way - if necessary, by bringing in an outside expert. Our long and extensive experience from a multitude of settled claims is always an advantage for our customers.
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